About us

Who we are.

BRRiJ Solutions Inc. is a digital content studio that combines emerging technologies with creative brands to bring new ideas to life. We focus on creating new ways for people to interact with tech through XR for a more dynamic engagement.

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Our solutions

What we do.

BRRiJ specializes in digital content creation designed to bring people together through immersive entertainment. We provide completely scalable 3D mapping projections and AR experiences, from custom youth experiences to productions for live shows.

Production for live events

We take care of all the hardware installation and gear rentals for any size installment.

3D Mapping and projections

A process in which we scan surfaces and manipulate images so they fit perfectly on irregularly shaped surfaces such as buildings, interior spaces, objects and natural landscapes and is one of today’s most popular immersive.

Augmented Reality

Digital content is placed in the real world through a screen and it’s simplicity and accessibility is made available to almost everyone with a device.

Mobile AR

We create gaming experiences such as digital scavenger hunts and location based engagements.

Volumetric Scanning

In order to develop a real-time rendering of photo-realistic and 3D scanned environments, people and objects we the capabilities of volumetric scanning to bring the real life into the digital space.

LED Digital Display Solutions

The perfect tools in which businesses communicate their brands along with their workplace and public health and safety.